Event and Updates!


New Mech Invasion

Can you survive the Mech Invasion?
New Mechs are spawning in the Balanced Arena starting Friday, July 24th. Mech Bosses are back but they have brought more fire power!

Mechs Info:

* 2 Mech Bosses
* 7 NEW Mech Troops

Mech Godzin

Mech Volkain


* Experience/Ability
* Legend Mark
* Chance of winning: LN Raffle (x5), Double Bonus Exp-Ap, Skill/Spell Leveling Bonus

* Balanced Area will be switched into PVP!


Reset Notes/Updates

- Same Gender Marriage is now possible in DA!

- Skills/Spells Updates
* Regeneration 1-7: Changed on 0-line spell; previous 2-line
* Nuadhaich: Changed to 2-line spell; previous 3-line
* Cursed Tunes 1-9: Reduced cool-down by 1/2
* Transferblood Skill: Reduced to 2 seconds
* Counter Attack 1-8: Increased damage

- Training Dojo: 3X Skill/Spell leveling rate! (may change from time-to-time)

- Oren Fountain is now cleaned from all bugs

- Item Drops:
* Increased item drops on Heavy Veltain Chest
* Increased item drops on Fine Light Dagger

- Chadul's Realm:
* Increased EXP/AB on all monsters
* Increased Gold drops on all monsters

- Shinewood Forest Expansion
* Extra 5 Maps added to ease overcrowding of SW36-38
* New hunting maps can be reached at the edge of SW38
* Decreased "Green Shinewood Mantis" spawns on all maps

- Lost Ruins Update:
* Significant increase in EXP/AB for all monsters!

- Muisir Training/Hunting Area Overhaul:
* Removed Ability Drain on all Maps
* Significant increase in EXP/AB for all monsters
* Increased Time to complete the Hunting Ground Challenge
* To encourage hunting in this area, for a LIMITED time, Muisir Boss will NOW be dropping Lumen Amulet (better chances in BIG groups), **make sure you have 1 empty slot in your inventory**