Loures Rewarding Aisling Discourse and Education


Jean, Councillor of Loures, speaks by decree of King Bruce, Ruler of Loures:
Loures wishes to encourage more debate, discourse and a course of action amongst Aislings. Dark times lay ahead, with increasing spectres of kingdoms past. Hoige barely remains in Louresian control in spite of Aisling efforts, and Chadul encroaches ever closer, threatening to taint Aisling minds. Aisling students will be rewarded handsomely for enriching their minds, and Recognized Aislings by Loures will be further rewarded with gold from the Loures treasure room. The mundanes have also been instructed to spread your efforts in enrichment far and wide.

Uistean in the Mileth Library has been placed in charge of administrating this decree. Go to him to learn more.

Councillor of Loures

Daithi the Druid confides:
Whispers abound, even from where I dwell in the Druid’s Circle, that this is but another attempt by Loures to militarize Aislings; to make them the personal army of Loures, for Loures is weakened. Events in Hoige are evidence of Chadul’s uprising. Undine, the traditional home of the Monks, lay abandoned and desolate. She stands as an example to those who dare to oppose the empire. Letters in the Loures Library are proof my word rings true. I pray Aislings are not taken in by false promises of wealth, treasure and fame.

Druid of the Wild

(( Players will receive experience and quest tokens daily when teaching and attending classes in the Mileth College. Teachers will receive a token additional benefit. Beyond ingame rewards, the objective is to encourage players to gather, discuss and roleplay potential lore and story updates to Dark Ages. ))